The Grove Lemon Gin Crusta


The Grove Lemon Gin Crusta

This tart and zesty cocktail is perfect for the festive season. Award winning gin and absinthe combine to create a citrusy aniseed flavour that's sweetened with a sugary sherbet crust.

The Grove Lemon Gin Crusta

• 30mL The Grove Lemoncello
• 20mL The Grove London dry gin
• 10mL The Grove Absinthe
• 4 dashes celery and orange bitters
• Garnish: sherbet crust and lemon twist

Using a brush, coat the outside of the glass in sugar syrup or the juice of a lemon/ lime and dust with sherbet until fully coated. Remove a piece of lemon peel and place a cut in the middle of it so you can position it on the glass. Add ingredients to a mixing glass/ tin with ice and stir for approximately 20 seconds (or to taste). Strain into crusted Nick and Nora glass using a cocktail strainer, and garnish with lemon twist.

To make the bitters, you’ll need celery chopped into small pieces, as well as any orange bitters. Soak the celery in orange bitters for up to a week and then strain the celery out.

Sherbet powder can be found in most supermarkets, or you can make it:
• 3 tbsp icing sugar
• 2 tsp citric acid powder
• 2 tsp baking soda
• 2 tsp ground, dehydrated lemon peels
• Grind/ blend all ingredients thoroughly and store in an airtight container.

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