The Grove Strawberry and Coconut Sour


The Grove Strawberry and Coconut Sour

This sweet and sour cocktail fuses The Grove's summer strawberry liqueur with our much-loved coconut rum. When garnished with the salted strawberry dust you'll have a superbly elegant drink, perfect for Valentine's Day or any occasion.

The Grove Strawberry and Coconut Sour


• 45mL The Grove Strawberry Liqueur
• 15mL The Grove Coconut Grove (coconut rum)
• 20mL lime juice
• 20mL egg whites
• 10mL vanilla syrup
• Garnish: Salted strawberry dust

1) Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake without ice first to create foam and emulsify the egg white, then shake again with ice to chill and dilute the cocktail.
2) Fine strain into a cocktail coupe using fine mesh strainer, and garnish with a dusting of salted strawberry.
3) To make the salted strawberry dust: dehydrate slices of strawberry (about 6) at 55 degrees for approximately 8 hours, or until they snap easily; then grind them into a powder with a pinch of salt. You can also buy dried strawberries from most supermarkets.

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