Distillery Secrets: What makes great rum?


Distillery Secrets: What makes great rum?

At The Grove, we are serious about great rum. Premium rum takes time, love and care. Our rum is distilled, aged, bottled and hand labelled on-site in The Groves own ex-bourbon barrels.

Head Distiller James lived in the Caribbean in his sprightly youth and it’s here that he saw the locals in Saint John on the Virgin Islands making their rum in ex Jack Daniels barrels sourced from the US. He knew that to make a delicious, authentic Caribbean-style rum he would need to source ex-bourbon barrels.

Luckily, James also makes some of the best Kentucky-style corn mash whiskey (bourbon) you can get. It’s the barrels that have aged our whiskey that we then use to age our Rum.

A few very committed rum aficionado’s have commented that our spiced and dark rum has some nice ‘funk’ but nothing too overpowering.

When describing rum, ‘funk’ is referring to the ester content which is a reaction between the molasses and the yeast that occurs during the fermentation process. Esters give a diverse range of aromas and flavours to rum.

In rum we are often experiencing and measuring ethyl acetate, the dominant ester in rum, which has a sweet, fruity aroma.

Usually Jamaican rums are described as funky. As our Head Distiller James lived in the Caribbean, our rum style leans more towards a traditional Caribbean however the yeast we use and the slightly longer fermentation time does result in a slight ‘funk’ with an ester count at the lower end of the scale.

Rum is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed all year round. It’s a fantastic base ingredient in cocktail recipes, with a mixer, cube of ice or neat on it’s own.

How do you like your rum? The Grove Distillery produce a number of award-winning rums, including small batch limited edition ranges for the season.

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