From this place, we’ve created a blend that’s distinctly our own. 20 years of innovation, improvement and experimentation, culminating in the Spirit we share with you.

Our Story

Beginning as a plot of land in 1995, growing through years of hard work and good spirits, we’ve created our range of award-winning artisan liquors.

Steve Hughes, Founder, has never been satisfied with ‘normal’, acquiring a traditional copper still from Germany to establish The Grove as the first Distillery in the Margaret River Region.

From here it’s been courage and refinement with James Reed, Head Distiller. Together they source the best botanicals nearby, or around the world, distilled and matured in barrels which once housed wines, ports or other drops from this region.

We’ve taken our spirits across the globe, winning national and international awards for our Organic Absinthe, Coconut Rum or Single Malt Whiskeys, and that’s only naming a few. We want to share The Grove with you.

Meet The Founders

Steve Hughes


Originally born in Harrow, London, Steve worked in the high flying world of finance and insurance for 11 years. In a Mid-life crisis, he created The Grove Vineyard with his family in 1995 before realising his 17 years experience working as a Metro fuel distributor in Perth paved the way for another form of rocket fuel… Spirits. Today he’s a Jack-of-all-Trades, Distiller, Brewer, Entertainer, Husband and Father, and a myriad of other roles.

Meet the owners and head distiller, while tasting the Spirit of the Grove

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