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The Grove Spiced Rum Espresso Martini Recipe

The festive season always calls for Espresso Martinis! At The Grove, we’re never satisfied with normal so we’ve put a twist on the famous coffee cocktail by using our award-winning Spiced Rum. The delicious flavours of real vanilla bean and cinnamon meld beautifully with our Grove Coffee Liqueur. Why not give it a try and impress your friends with some extra special Christmas Cheer.

• 45 mL The Grove Spiced Rum
• 15 mL The Grove Coffee Liqueur
• 30 mL Espresso coffee
• 10 mL The Grove Chocolate Liqueur
• Ice

1. Hard shake ingredients with ice and double strain into a coupe glass.
2. Garnish with grated chocolate.
3. Enjoy.

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