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The Grove Limoncello Spritz Cocktail Recipe

Welcome to our Summer Spritz Series. Our first Spritz is made with our tart, sweet, zingy Limoncello.

Summer cocktails should be simple, tasty and refreshing. If we could bottle summer and serve it over ice, it’d taste just like this delicious Limoncello Spritz.

Our Limoncello is made with care and love, hand-peeling the seasons best lemons, soaking them in our alcohol base and extracting all of that zesty flavour.

Simply mix our small-batch, triple-distilled vodka with our hand-crafted limoncello and instantly summer-ize it by spritzing with your favourite prosecco and soda. Bottoms up!


• 30ml The Grove Limoncello
• 30ml The Grove Vodka
• 1 cup ice cubes
• 120ml Prosecco
• Dash of soda to taste (we use Capi)


1. Fill a large wine glass with ice cubes
2. Mix Vodka and Limoncello in a large wine glass and stir
3. Top with Prosecco and a dash of soda to taste

Enjoy the Limoncello Spritz at home, purchase The Grove Limoncello Liqueur online today.

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