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SMW 35 Cut Back 50.% Sherry Whisky





Single Malt Whisky 50.6%ABV,  101 proof – Single ex-Bourbon Barrel finished in a single ex-Sherry Barrel TGD-35

First Fill Date: 01/03/2017

Bottle Date: 24 May 2022

Age – 5 years

Barrel size – 50L

Aged in a unique combination of an ex-Bourbon barrel initially then into an ex-Sherry barrel for the final maturation, James has cut this release back to a high 101 proof maximise the strength of the single-malt’s unique flavour’s.

Colour: Medium auburn

On the nose: Sweet spice, orange, hints of oak and almond.

On the palate: The main characters are sherry, almond, dried fruits, fig, and raisins

Finish: Long with sweet orange after tones

This whisky being at a high proof, offers a powerful blend and depth of complexity that can be enjoyed neat or with a few drops of water to pull out more complex flavours.






Release 35


Ex-Bourbon and Ex-Sherry

Drink it with

This release is best enjoyed neat or with a few drops of water to pull out more complex flavours.


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More Information

More Information

The first distillery in the Margaret River Region to make Single Malt Whisky’s. Our first release was in 2015 With never more than 80 bottles per release, you can be sure you’re purchasing a truly exclusive and unique Single Malt Whisky from Margaret River.

Here in the sub-region of Wilyabrup, we are bound by the ocean on three sides creating high annual rainfall, which is captured on-site and triple filtered before being distilled into our small-batch whisky.

Every barrel we use tells the story of the spirit it nurtured, an ex-shiraz port barrel to impart a rich cherry tone or locally made smaller 50 litre barrels to enhance ageing. This inspires us to creates a whisky that is distinctly our own. Time is on our side, producing small-batch quantities of no more than 80-100 bottles per release.

We hand-bottle everything before it’s sent out, winning awards both locally and nationally for what we do here. This is the spirit of the Grove, it’s bravery, it’s not being satisfied with normal, it’s making bloody good spirits while having a good time.