Single Malt Whisky Ex Bourbon Barrel - Release 29 $145

Nurtured in custom-built smaller, ex-bourbon barrels. This fine single malt is cut back but left at a high over proof which gives this release its bold yet smooth flavour.

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ABV 51%

No. 29

Barrel Ex Bourbon




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This bright, spicy and rich single malt whisky is a special 5 Year – small ex-bourbon barrel aged whisky release. Its sensational toffee, sweet almond, orange and wood aroma lingers in the air beckoning you to indulge it again and again.

The Grove Spirits

Tasting Notes


Bright, clean amber tone


Balanced blend honey, burnt orange and oak


Warm, smooth characters of caramel and vanilla, toasted barley and pleasing citrus zest


Long finish with pleasing citrus zest


Enjoy neat or with a couple drops of water to open up even more flavours