London Dry Gin 500ml 37.5% ABV






Made with love in Margaret River, distilled, bottled and labelled on-site this classic London Dry Gin is handcrafted using all organic botanicals. The aroma is delicate with juniper cardamon and citrus coming through and a hint of violets. The taste of juniper, coriander seeds, and citrus give this gin a clean, crisp quality that allows it to mix well with other flavours or divine in a martini. A smooth, long finish with lingering citrus, this classic small batch gin is a staple for any home bar cart.



Infused with

Juniper Berry




Angelica Root



2016 GOLD Melbourne International Spirits Competition

Drink it with

At The Grove, we don't often mess with the classics. We pair our London Dry Gin with Capi Tonic Water, or to mix it up try it with Capi's Grapefruit Soda and a slice of fresh grapefruit. Makes a noticeably refreshing Gin Martini and Negroni. Versatile with a twist of lemon or lime, slice of peach, berries or cucumber. This Gin will be one of the smoothest you'll ever drink. For more ideas, check out our Suggested Cocktails at the bottom of this page.


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More Information

More Information

Many gin distillers would love to see punters try, and enjoy, their gins neat, on ice or with plain soda water. Head Distiller James Reed was actually driven by wanting to make a gin for this purpose. Of course, we back this gin to be just as great with a mixer, garnish or special touch. The technique used to make this gin is one of macerating the chosen ingredients in the highest quality Australian gluten-free wheat-based alcohol. The purity of this alcohol base means that the gin distillate only incorporates the desired flavours.


  • "A true London Dry with a humble five botanicals: juniper berry, angelica root, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom and lemon. Citrus flavours with fresh and aromatic notes with a silky smooth dry finish. Best served with ice and cucumber."


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  • Bridie Oliver - 01/01/2017

    Just beautiful so nice u can drink it straight love it x

  • Conor Murphy - 12/01/2019

    Best gin i have ever had!