Corn Mash Whiskey - Honey Infused






If you fancy a honey bourbon, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more delicious drop than this gold medal sensation. Dangerously smooth and decadently rich and sensual with raw, unfiltered Southern Forests honey. With a golden amber tone and a rich honey and toffee aroma. once on the palate you’ll taste authentic honey and vanilla notes that burs through the exceptionally balanced corn, rye and barley characteristics.





Infused with


Forests Honey


2017 GOLD Melbourne International Spirits Competition

Drink it with

At its best served neat or over ice. Enjoy with Asian cuisine, grilled duck breast, sticky pork ribs, or sticky date pudding.


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More Information

More Information

"We have a deep love for craft that’s inspired by Margaret River Wine Country, there’s something special about this place. Here in the sub-region of Wilyabrup, we are bound by the ocean on three sides creating high annual rainfall, which is captured on-site and triple filtered before being distilled into our small-batch corn mash whiskey.

Every barrel we use tells the story of the spirit it nurtured, and when we're making our Kentucky-style bourbons, only the best barrels will do. Sourcing brand new white American Oak 50L barrels, that our Australian ccopermith heavy chars ensures we make our corn mash whisky honouring timelss traditions. At The Grove, we don't mess with the classics. Time is on our side, producing small-batch quantities of the finest, smoothest corn mash whiskey in Australia.

We hand-bottle everything before it’s sent out, winning awards both locally and nationally for what we do here. This is the spirit of the Grove, it’s bravery, it’s not being satisfied with normal, it’s making bloody good spirits while having a good time. "