This is the place we distill the spirit of the Grove. Spirits that are distinctly our own, blended with local botanicals and rainwater captured and triple filtered on-site, made in small-batches, aged in custom built barrels. We bring the best ingredients locally and around the world into our distillery to make our award winning range of liquors. It’s all here for you to touch, smell, and taste.

Meet The Team

  • James Reed


    Born in Palmer, Alaska, James began distilling at the age of 14. Having worked all over the USA in various capacities, particularly in the development and manufacture of stills, he was also involved in the research of spirits as an alternative fuel. Emigrating to Australia 2010, James commenced as the The Grove’s Distiller in July 2012. He is responsible for distilling and spirit product development.

  • Matt Hatcher


    Born in West England, Matt’s honed his skills in scrumpy cider production over the years before trying his hand at brewing. The Grove are lucky enough to have Matt’s talents on board brewing our specialty boutique batch beer as well as helping James in the still house as our Assistant Distiller. He’s a lover of a beer and all things spirits with a passion for doing things a little differently. Much like the rest of us here at The Grove. Chat to Matt about producing our Corn Mash!

  • Carl Hunter


    Hailing from New Zealand, Carl joined the team as a Production Assistant and through passion and hard work is now our trusted Production Manager. The brains of the operation, Carl is production manager across our-site. Keeping the best produce coming in fresh and making sure our small batches are ready and hand-bottled for each seasonal release.

Our Still

Our traditional copper still tells it’s own story. Imported from Germany, custom built to feature a combination pot and column with a whiskey fruit head pot. Having a combination still was important for us, we wanted to make a richer variety of spirits, including Single Malt, Peat Whisky and Bourbon.

Our Process

We have a deep love for craft that’s inspired by Margaret River Wine Country, there’s something special about this place. Sheltered by the ocean on three sides creating high annual rainfall, triple filtered before being distilled into spirits.

Botanicals are sourced from near or far, and brought into our workshop for the full flavour to be brought out. Whether it’s Perth’s best Strawberries, Southern Forests Honey or a Corn Mash from Kentucky.

Every barrel we use tells the story of the spirit it nurtured, a White American Oak, an Ex-Port Barrel or locally made smaller 50 Litre Barrels to enhance aging. This difference creates a blend distinctly our own. Time is on our side, producing small-batch quantities to enhance to the depth of flavour we can create. Our 2 years and 3 months distillation of Whisky, rivals Whiskies four times its age.

We hand-bottle everything before it’s sent out, winning awards both locally and nationally for what we do here. This is the spirit of the Grove, it’s bravery, it’s not being satisfied with normal, it’s making bloody good spirits while having a good time.

Products we’re most proud of – Single Malt Whisky